New Caritas Case Management Program Already Seeing Successes


In the fall of 2013, Caritas received an initial $32,249 grant from the Rapoport Foundation (and a continuation grant for $32,000) that has allowed it to begin a “Case Management” program that offers clients an opportunity to more fully address difficulties and problems in their lives--these are problems that often prevent people from becoming more independent.  Ultimately, the hope is for such families to have declining need for emergency services and greater self-reliance.  

“Families coming to Caritas always speak with one of our Interviewers who process their requests for assistance, but we have not been conducting a thorough assessment of the family’s needs and helping them chart a path for addressing their core concerns,” said Buddy Edwards, Executive Director of Caritas.  “Thanks to the Rapoport Foundation’s grant, Caritas has started this new program area which hopefully will result in more people being lifted from hunger and poverty,” Edwards added.

And the impact of the program is already being felt by several case management clients. In June, Deborah Tillman will start the Surgical Tech training program at McLennan Community College.  Caritas has assisted her in the process of enrolling into the program and also helped with food and a bus pass that has given her needed transportation to handle business and personal matters.  Deborah believes the Caritas case management program has helped her in regaining her independence, self-worth and self-esteem—literally helping her to turn her life around.  She has secured student loans for MCC and is currently looking for a part-time job to help with costs of living.

Tyrone Cage is about to complete his GED classes at MCC and plans to start TSTC in the fall where he will study construction and electrical engineering.  Case management has assisted him with his educational efforts and with application for student loans.  Tyrone is smiling a lot more these days and has now come to envision the successes he plans to achieve in his life.

Tammy G. Stevens is the Case Management Director that is the driving force behind these successes.  She came to Caritas in December 2013 with a strong background in case management including a 15-year stint as case manager coordinator with Economic Opportunities Advancement Corporation.  Tammy was also a former member of the Caritas Board of Directors and as a result has an excellent understanding of the mission and purpose of the organization.  Her caring and compassion for Caritas clients is evident in the way she talks about her work and the pride she feels for the progress clients are making.  The number of clients requesting to participate in case management is steadily growing and to handle the increased case management workload, Caritas has added two new full-time case managers (Emi Suarez and Latasha Davis).  Both ladies come to Caritas with previous case management experience. Caritas is excited about the successes being seen through this new program and is looking forward to “turning the lives around” for more and more people.


Tammy Stevens 
Caritas was established in 1967. Its objective is to provide urgent support to people in need in our community through various assistance programs. Services include: urgent/supplemental food assistance, aid with payment for utilities, rent or other lodging, help with prescription medication, emergency travel assistance, assistance with clothing and household items and other special needs situations. 
For further information about the program, contact Buddy Edwards at 254-753-4593, ext. 205 or