Do you remember the blazing summer of 2013? Temperatures surpassing the 100-degree mark became normal. Many of us grew weary of the high electric bills, but imagine our neighbors who suffered through the heat with no air conditioning, no electricity and in some cases, no water or sufficient food for their family.

Sitting in the comfort of our homes, we often don’t think about those in our community who endure these horrible conditions: families with young children, those who are elderly, or those for whom heat could become life-threatening. They are here, and their numbers are increasing.

For years, Caritas has offered circulating fans and has assisted families who are in danger of having their electricity or water service disconnected. In addition, Caritas serves many families who are struggling to feed their children who, during the school year, are served by the free- and reduced-lunch program.

Caritas is standing ready, but we need your help. Your contribution will allow us to purchase fans, assist with utility payments, or keep food on the table for those in need. (As always, donations of food items are also appreciated.)

By becoming a member of the Caritas “Fan Club”, you can help make this summer a little more bearable for those less fortunate. In some instances, your gift could be life-saving. Here’s how your gift can help:

·       $20 will allow us to purchase a fan for a family;

·       $50 aids Caritas in securing more food for hungry children from the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin;

·       $100 will help us keep the electricity turned on and the water running in a needy family’s home.

To join the Caritas "Fan Club" and to make your donation, please use the "Donate" button below. In the Designation section on the donation screen, please designate your donation as "Fan Club." 

Without your assistance, it will be another long, hot summer for many families. Please don’t let that happen.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and your generous support of Caritas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 753-4593 or email