Policies and Procedures

1)   Reasonable breaks less than 10 minutes are allowed to use the restroom, get water, etc.  These will not count against your worked hours.  Lunch break policies vary between locations; ask the volunteer coordinator for more details if needed.  If a supervisor feels that you are taking excessive breaks, or unnecessarily long breaks, you may be asked to leave and will not receive credit for your hours worked. 


2)   All volunteers must sign in before starting work and sign out when leaving.  (If you do not sign in and out, you will not receive credit for your hours).  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SIGNING IN AND OUT.  If you forget to sign out, you will be credited with one hour only.


3)    Cell phones may be kept on site, but must be placed on vibrate or silent.  YOU MAY NOT ANSWER OR USE YOUR PHONE WHILE VOLUNTEERING.  If you must take an emergency call, please take the time to let your supervisor know and step outside.  You are welcome to provide your family and friends with the number of your worksite for emergencies.


4)    Listening to music (typically with ear buds) is dependent on your performance.  Ask your supervisor about their ear bud policy before use.  If they feel it is interfering with your work, you will be asked not to use them.


5)     Volunteers must wear CLOSED TOED/CLOSED HEEL SHOES suitable for physical activity.  No sleeveless shirts please, shorts must be knee length or longer.  Clothing with obscene language or drug references is not permitted.  Any facial piercings (other than ears) must be removed or covered if working in the food pantry. 


6)      Anyone who is under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. 


7)    Use of ANY tobacco or smokeless product inside or outside on the property of any Caritas facility is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Anyone wishing to use a tobacco or smokeless product must be at least 25 feet away from the property.


8)     The supervisor of your work site has full authority to send you home if there is not enough work available to complete.  If this becomes a consistent problem, you may contact the volunteer coordinator with your concerns.  On weekends and in the evenings it is a wise idea to call the location ahead of time to determine if your help is needed.


I agree to follow the above stated rules and guidelines.  In addition, I will follow any further rules or instructions as explained to me by Caritas employees while I am volunteering.


I understand that failure to follow all guidelines and instructions may result in restrictions being placed on my ability to volunteer at Caritas, immediate removal from Caritas, and/or loss of hours.